Monday, August 6, 2012

there was a very, very wilty bok choy from our last csa haul in the fridge that was slowly dying.
and i actually started to crave some fresh veggies and savory flavors, so i made another version
of this noodle salad dish (or more like a very far-stretched relative of this recipe).
this time i used saifun noodles that i had in the pantry in lieu of soba noodles.
with a very old half-cabbage & carrots, i made a very quick asian slaw (pepper flakes, fish sauce,
vinegar), which added some nice kick to the whole flavor.

also i tried "water-frying" the egg that i read about somewhere.
kind of like a sunny-side up, but instead of oil, i used water to cook it.
it turned out perfect, kind of like a poached egg!