Friday, September 7, 2012

light meal at pillow (m's never happy eating there because he never gets full).
we needed coffee more than food, so we got a large iced coffee each which pretty much
filled up most of my belly. i got their garden bagel sandwich, which is so good with a spread of
pesto - my favorite there. m got a tuna salad sandwich. too bad they're not a bit bigger!

then late at night, i was craving some ra-bokki (ramen + dukboki) after seeing some photos.
we didn't have any rice sticks at hand, so i just did without and made the dish with fish cake
and ramen noodles we had. since it's not the healthiest thing to eat, i tried to ameliorate it
a little with some swiss chard from our csa. melted cheese on top added extra flavor and
mellowed out the spiciness too. yummy for a late night snack!