Saturday, September 8, 2012

we rode our bikes into the city in the drizzling rain after the crazy storm/tornado (what?!)
for my friend audrey's show (& mr. jeff soto's alongside hers!).

coming back home to get some work done right after, we took a little detour and stopped by
k-town to finally try the new-ish kfc (korean fried chicken ha!) places.
bon chon & kyo chon are right on the same block, and are both big chains from korea, i believe.
scared off by kyo chon's insane 90's night club like decor, we opted for bon chon, and ordered
a large half spicy & half soy sauce drumsticks & wings mix with a pint of kirin.

i liked that the chicken didn't have much batter and had super crispy exterior.
it was tasty, but it was definitely too much chicken and too much of one thing for a meal.
i was overstuffed, for sure. too bad the kirin was a bit flat and even almost tepid.
next time we feel like k-fried chicken, we'll try the other chain (albeit the scary decor).

after, to cleanse our palate, we stopped at paris baguette :

and got this huge monstrosity of dessert. it's got 4 pieces of pâte à choux stuck on a pile of
choux cream, on top of this (too thick) crusty tart.
it was good but i think after the fried chicken, this was almost too much!
that's how i know i'm getting old - desserts are too much for me. what?!