Saturday, September 29, 2012

{ Los Angeles | Day 3 }

we woke up early with not much appetite - after roaming around sawtelle on a super hot day,
we ended up at nijiya supermarket - i have fond memories of the place, which provided me simple,
cheap, good lunch for years while i worked near by up until about 10 years ago.
it'd been a long long time since i'd been there last but they still had the same kind of food, albeit a dollar or two more per lunch box. we got some inari sushi & futomaki mix, and a some spicy tuna rolls.
unfortunately, they weren't as delicious as i remember them (or maybe i forgot which were good), having too much gummy rice packed in them. but still, a simple, fun lunch. 

then next door, where there used to be a then-brand-new japanese bakery, was a beard papa's.
which we hadn't seen in nyc in years - somehow they'd all disappeared.
i got an eclair with vanilla filling and some "french" thing with chocolate filling.
the eclair won hands down - the french donut looking thing looked promising but wasn't very good. 

then after our opening that lasted several hours (so much fun, the best opening i've been to in a while,
with lots of friends and lots of fun people in the crowds!) - a bunch of us (13+!) walked over to father's office, for some drinks, food, and talks. m & i shared some duck salad and butter fish with crispy kale.
so delicious - all tender and crispy, droolllll. 
it was such a fun night - i felt so blessed and lucky to be in such good company with such an amazing opportunity. thank you!!!!