Sunday, September 30, 2012

{ Los Angeles / San Francisco : Day 4 }

on our last day in LA, we were rudely awakened by a fire alarm at 8:30am at the hotel. not able to go
back to sleep, we checked out hours earlier and drove down southbound toward long beach airport, out of which we were flying out to SF that afternoon. 

we drove around for a place to eat, having some failed attempts at stopping by a japanese flea market - and ended up at this soon dubu restaurant, cho dang tofu in torrance - at the crack of 10:30am. 
living in nyc, we forgot how authentically korean korean food is in so cal. all the banchan feeling homemade and the tofu stews just bubbling over with different flavors. so delicious, even for the first thing in the day to eat.

then after our flight into SF, and heading over to my sister-in-law's place, we stopped to feed our hungry bellies in the mission - at taqueria cancĂșn. the photo fails to depict just how that huge burrito
(the wet one with all the sauces) is. it was the largest one on the menu, still only at $6.75.
i got a "regular" sized grilled chicken burrito, and it was still so humongous.
we were filled to past the gills to the tops of our heads, and it only totaled out at $13.50.
ahhhhh california, you always get me with cheap authentic mexican and asian foods!!