Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a huge platter of pasta (that platter is about 16"x16" O_O) that m made for lunch.
yowza!! oyster mushrooms & enoki mushrooms with fusilli, tossed in butter, olive oil, chili flakes and parmesan cheese - topped with kennip (perilla leaves). so light and delicious!

then later at night for my own dinner, i made myself a dukboki. i used the little rice cake (mochi/duk) sticks i got from h-mart last night, along with a couple kimchi gyoza we got at the same time, as well as some cheesy cheese. i threw in some tatsoi greens and enoki mushrooms for some good measure and also so i don't feel too bad about eating a big bowl of starch (i've had that pasta earlier, after all). 

all in all, it was so satisfying, and well-cooked, if i say so myself, but i shouldn't have been so lazy and should've pan-seared the gyoza before throwing it into the dukboki. would've made a much better textural contrast.