Tuesday, October 16, 2012

dinner with old friends in k-town - we met up at seoul garden natural tofu, a place i hadn't been in years. it seemed very different there, the menu looked unfamiliar, but that could've been just my memory. everyone got a kind of bibimbap, m a special seafood bibimbap (very different than other regular ones) and i got the good ol' seafood soondubu stew. 
the food was good, maybe not as homey and special feeling as our favorite place, cho dang gol, but still really good food nonetheless.

then after, we walked over across to the food galleria mall for some dessert and uninterrupted hangout.
again everyone else got red mango frozen yogurt, but it felt too cold for me, so i got a bubble tea & vietnamese coffee flavored cupcake combo at spot bakery (which is also down in east village). mine was a mistake (not very good) but the yogurt was good, as we knew it would be.

then hours later :
before biking back home, we stopped by h mart for some shopping then a stop over at woorijip.
m wanted a little snack with beer so we picked up some small bits from their buffet area - small batch of kimbap, omelet roll, pork meatball 2 pieces of kimmari (deep fried clear noodles wrapped in seaweed) and some dukboki to dip the kimmari in. i've been craving kimmari since i recently was reminded of it via a eatyourkimchi video, but this one was one of the worst i've had in my life, if not the worst.
yuck, all cold and gummy. dukboki wasn't great either, but the rest were decent... especially the pork meatball.

i also wanted a redemption of a proper dessert, so when i saw these pretty colored song pyun, a special kind of rice cake only eaten around chusuk holidays in korea, i couldn't resist.
they were really delicious, perfectly tender and chewy with slightly sweet bits of sesame syrup inside.
they didn't have the pine-needle scent that i love, but still great!