Thursday, October 4, 2012

{ San Francisco / East Bay | Day 8 }

our last day in california, we took a leisurely start to the morning - hung out in the neighborhood a little bit and when we got hungry we walked over to la boulange for some coffee & breakfast.
m got a delicious oatmeal, and i some french toast. i wanted some fruit more than anything and some coffee. la boulange, i heard, has been sold to starbucks, sadly, but hopefully their food won't change. the quality is pretty good for a chain store. my french toast wasn't too great but i liked that it was more than half fruits and that it was so light. and their cafe au lait is huge and delicious!

 then we packed our bags and headed over to berkeley again. luckily, it was a free day at berkeley art museum, and i'd been meaning to check out the barry mcgee show anyway! it was a good show, though somehow it didn't feel as awe-inducing as the first/last time we saw his work at deitch projects 7-8 years ago. still really good stuff.
we went back to pho k&k that we accidentally tried last year and fell in love with. this time, i was craving rice, so i got their clay pot. vietnamese clay pots are one of my favorite dishes but this one was my favorite so far - filled with sea food, chicken, beef and vegetables, it wasn't too greasy or too over flavored. just so good and satisfying, in a very clean though delicious way.

we wandered down to oakland after berkeley - we took their free broadway bus up and down to k-town area and to the downtown/chinatown area. before heading out to the airport we wanted to sit somewhere and not be bothered for a couple hours - we ended up at shooting star cafe, a hong kong style cafe/restaurant with tons of bubble tea drinks, desserts, and fusiony dishes.
m got a mabo tofu deal which wasn't too bad but still too much food for us - and the drinks were too sweet but it was a good place to hang out and watch the locals for a couple hours before our (delayed) long flight back home to nyc.