Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{ San Francisco / Berkeley | Day 7 }

finally the weather was the usual gorgeous bay area weather. we went over to berkeley and decided to have some light lunch before walking around. we went down telegraph and stopped at smart alec's, a large cafeteria full of Cal students. we wanted to get some simple soup, salad, sandwich type meal,
so i got a half soup/half salad deal - tuna sandwich and corn chowder. both were very very mediocre.
m ordered what looks like that monstrous thing in the second photo - a large salad with a burger patty.
but it was actually a really good salad - underneath the obscene looking patty were lentils, edamame, among other veggies, fully dressed well in sesame vinaigrette. it was so huge that we were beyond filled.

then after some meandering walk through neighborhood streets, we ended up at crixa cakes, a small bakery on adeline. we got iced coffees and a pumpkin pie to share - just AMAZING!
this was the best coffee experience on our entire trip. pumpkin pie was exceptional as well, with flaky crispy crust and not-too-sweet filling. yummy!!!

+ not documented was the super janky looking chinese food & donuts (that was the actual name of the place) with a surprisingly good $1 coffee and old fashioned donuts. we went there nearly every day.
we had some after we came back to the mission that day for some discount donuts and coffee before heading over to watch the silly debate.