Thursday, March 7, 2013

holy cow, this meal just blew my mind. hours later, it still blows my mind. it'd been a really long while since we've last been to cho dang gol, and thanks to our accountant being near k-town, it became our yearly ritual after filing our taxes to stop by there for lunch.
today i ventured and got chung gook jang jigae, a stew made from very stinky version of fermented soy bean paste, and m got his usual seafood cham dubu (kind of like soon dubu). they were both incredible - their food is so well balanced, and never have i seen their food cross the line with seasoning (which i think is easy to do with korean food). still, the flavors run deep, not high, and they ran throughout the meal, good to the last drop. i love the nurungji at the end of the meal there too.

and even their banchan is so delicious :