Thursday, May 2, 2013


we were finally caught up on our sleep and woke up early (7 or 8 am?) and headed out for breakfast.
after googling on yelp and actually driving down to cadillac cafe, we turned back seeing how fancy it was. we went back to alberta arts district area, having spied a bike co-op and a food co-op on it, and ended up at helser's. m got a breakfast platter with potato latkes and scottish egg (hardboiled egg in brat worst casing) and i got a crumpet sandwich with scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes, and goat cheese. the food was just so so, we could tell they used good ingredients. they flavors weren't amazing, although individual ingredients were pretty good and fresh.

then later in the afternoon, before my opening night on their first thursday art walk, we went to downtown early enough to fill our bellies from one of their food cart pods. unfortunately, most of the good ones seemed to close early around 4pm, and we got a burger and indian food platter (chicken tikka masala & chana masala with rice & naan), they were just so so. and we still went and sat inside stumptown coffee, where we were hoping for these amazing donuts we got there last time, but alas they were gone. we ended up with an iced coffee and a flourless chocolate cookie. the cookie was great, but i just can't seem to like cold brew coffee, no matter who makes it. 

we were beyond full, which came in handy during the openings (i was in 2 shows) - i didn't feel hungry until past midnight!