Friday, May 3, 2013


hoping for a better (and real) breakfast food, we decided to go to a different neighborhood (and to also explore different parts of pdx) - we ended up walking up and down hawthorne - and meeting a pet baby sheep/lamb! - not finding anything we wanted, we drove back west further down to jam on hawthorne (hosford-abernathy area), which seemed like exactly what we wanted. 
somehow i was craving a sweet breakfast and ordered their lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry compote, and m got 2 over-easy eggs with sausages. this didn't seem like it would be enough food but when they arrived, it was definitely west coast portions. 

i never get pancakes on my own because i get tired of eating them after a few bites - but these were not doughy or caky, they were almost pudding like with moist center were the ricotta was - not to mention how thin they were. blueberry compote wasn't overpowering, and added just the right amount of sweetness - with great coffee ubiquitous in portland, i could finish these no problem.

the best part was m's sausages he got - they were spicy and so perfect with the eggs and hash browns. 
it was good to take a break from the sweet pancake and take a bite of these and vice versa.
mmmm~ so satisfied. and our good food day started like this!

after breakfast, we started walking around belmont and streets behind them, we saw all these amazing raised bed gardens everywhere - we fell in love with the small cottage houses and all the yards that grow food!
then i saw this tiny little treehouse chicken coop (with 2 chickens) - amazing!!!!!

our visit fell on a very unusual heatwave (86ºF on the high, which is very high for portland, it seems), and we made a mistake of deciding to go for a long walk down to mississippi ave from our airbnb place. a little too cooked and cranky we ducked in to get a little something to drink and maybe some chips and salsa at a cal-mex joint called por que no? despite the name, the place was so amazing.
we ended up ordering 2 rounds of tacos, just out of their sheer amazingness.
we started off with beer and seltzer water, with chips, salsa & guacamole, and a taco each - carne asada and spicy calamari. i ordered calamari, just out of its sheer novelty - i'd never seen one. and holy cow, these were without a doubt the best tacos we've ever had. even the carne asada - beef was cooked so tenderly and perfectly, it melted in our mouths. my calamari was cooked super lightly, leaving the meat very fresh and not rubbery. it was sooooo good. we ended up having to get another round, just because they were too good. and we weren't even hungry to begin with. -_-

later on at night we weren't too hungry, but got some fruits and veggies then stopped on alberta and got some biscuits - seems like it was a mistake. not too good and made us feel bad. T__T