Sunday, May 5, 2013

{ PORTLAND TRIP : Last Day }

 we checked out of our airbnb early (or slept in late and checked out right away - _- ) and headed to alberta to say hi to a new friend who owns antler gallery on it. afterwards we walked down the block to get some coffee at random order pie bar - i tried their "best pie" as some article called out, salted caramel vanilla apple pie - unfortunately, maybe because they didn't heat it up, it was just so so. nothing amazing for me - too bad, i was looking forward to having this slice after reading about it.

for lunch, just because yesterday's khao man gai was unforgettable, we went back to nong's khao man gai again! we went all out and got the pork and rice dish (with khao man gai style rice and sauce) and the regular chicken and rice khao man gai. ahhhhh they were both amazinggggg! the only thing was that we ordered liver with the chicken but they forgot. :(
the chicken also came with this amazing clear broth soup, and with coconut water we got together, it was so perfect - we drove out until we found a little grassy area to sit on and had a great picnic with these.

the flight back was brutal - redeye, delayed layover, squeezed seats, nausea - and erased most of the wonderful energy we absorbed while lying around the grass in laurelhurst park. but we sure came back with some amazing memories of this city!