Saturday, May 4, 2013


 after all the doughy food (besides mexican) we ate yesterday and so far, we were definitely craving something light and fresh. we had spotted laughing planet on mississippi so we headed over there and got kale salad and a burrito bowl special with pork. somehow these two mixed together were just the exact thing we were both craving. so delicious and not over-filling.

after, we decided to go check out velo cult, a bike shop / bar / coffee bar. 
the bike shop part looked really great - but unfortunately the coffee bar is pretty bare and new and didn't have iced coffee either. even the hot coffee got a little sour after a while, kind of a bummer.

we were invited to a bbq in the evening but decided to have a little snack - monica had told us about this amazing food cart place, nong's khao man gai, and was she right!!!
i can imagine why she'd eat here all the time and why they would do well only serving this one dish for as long as they did (now they do a few more). this is kind of like a thai hainan chicken, with rice cooked in chicken broth and probably some kind of amazing magic. chicken was cooked perfectly, but the best part was the sauce - some kind of crack out sauce that made everything amazing and covered in rainbows.

the bbq was so great, amazing local meats and sausages, but i was too busy stuffing my faces to be documenting it. :/
my belly and mind remember them perfectly though.