Thursday, June 27, 2013

 after a long afternoon of standing in line at the moma for the rain room installation in hot, muggy weather, i biked down to k-town to meet up with m for some good lunch. we went to cho dang gol, our favorite korean place in the city, although we wanted to try something different than our usual choices (tofu soup & kong biji usually). this time, we ordered a meal for two - seafood tofu jeongol (huge stew). 
the "seafood" part was mostly blue crab, some clam, shrimp and squid, along with their house made tofu. it was so delicious and amazing, the crab making the maeuntang-like broth even tastier with extra depth of flavors - all cooked right in front of our eyes. 
their banchan is also so reminiscent of homemade, korean mom's cooking - we had 2 rounds!

then after walking around with our overly stuffed bellies, we ended up at tous les jours for some much needed patbingsoo fix for me. i got the fruit bingsoo, and it was huuuuge. i wish i could remember how the one from paris baguette was, but it's been too long to remember and compare... but tous les jours will always win for korean pastries/desserts since it's much less depressing to sit inside.
thank god for our bike ride home, otherwise we'd have felt like whales all day!