Saturday, August 24, 2013

i made a pretty half-assed kimchi fried rice omurice for dinner with some pre-cooked microwave rice my parents sent us. unfortunately those microwave rice, though yummy, tend to be really wet and gummy for our taste, especially for fried rice, for which you want old, drier rice. i tried to dry the rice out but it was still very sticky after being completely cold and being aired out for an hour. -_-
we didn't have cabbage kimchi either, so i used radish kimchi, with some hotdogs thrown into it. i would've made a proper omurice out of this, except i realized we have no ketchup. so i just dumped the omelette part on top, with some scallions and perilla leaves for extra flavor.
despite the stickiness of the rice, it was pretty darn good!