Wednesday, August 28, 2013

we had our first birthing class today (!!) for home birth, which happened to be nearby our old old favorite spot from 5-6 years ago. the last time we were here was after hurricane sandy last year, almost a year ago (which was the first time back in a few years). we forgot how good good sushi can be, having only been eating them at janky places near by. all these pieces in sushi deluxe set just melted in our mouths, even the california roll. we also got miso soup and kara-age (fried chicken) besides the sushi, but i forgot to photograph them.

then after, we biked a block down to chocolate room, where we haven't been back in about 5 years.
we got our old favorite, fudge brownie sundae with vanilla ice cream - holy cow i can't believe how rich this was. we must've gotten old (well, by like, 5 years -_-) because we could BARELY finish this.
i believe there were several times that we got this with some other chocolatey things - hot chocolate or a piece of flourless chocolate cake or something. O_O still very good.