Monday, July 2, 2012

another warm/hot day (though not as bad as some other 100ºF days), too warm for cooking,
and craving mexican food, we went to castros (instead of tepango we've been frequenting - to
avoid stomach ache that comes with their food). i got their fish tacos for the first time, and m
got a ground beef burrito. both were excellent, though my fish tacos definitely were nowhere
near as tasty or big as the ones at rockaway (or in cali for that matter, i suppose).

then for late dinner, veggie cleaning time :

quick steamed baby broccoli dressed with a concoction of fish sauce, soy sauce, sriracha, sambal, and then our left over big salad of greens (kale, lettuce, yukina), topped with carrots, cucumber, walnuts and 3 big over-easy eggs oozing all over.
such a great, satisfying, yet light, late night food!