Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{ San Francisco | Day 6 }

it was another day of insane sun-blast, and we scrapped our original plans to go hang out in east bay (which is hotter than SF peninsula), and went to what we heard to be one of the coldest (foggiest) neighborhoods, the sunset district - which really wasn't foggy at all, albeit a bit cooler than other areas,
it was still just as blasted with sun and no AC and insane heat.

luckily this pho place was very cool (maybe it was AC'ed) inside - weird that we'd even crave these hot bowls of pho, but it called out to us. we chose kevin's noodles house, aka Pho Huynh Hiep 2. man, it was so so so so good. the perspective on the first photo and no size reference on the third really don't illustrate how huge this bowl of pho was - the only gauge of size being the bean sprouts. in my bowl (middle photo, a medium sized pho) the bean sprouts fill the bowl as opposed to floating in the middle in m's large bowl. the soup was so umami and soothing, perfect on my super soar throat.

after roaming about the neighborhood (only about 5-6 square blocks, really, it was too hot), we sat down at sheng kee bakery to have some cooling drinks - m got a milk tea (too milky) and a macau style egg tart. not bad, not great - still warm without AC but felt better by sitting still.

back in noe valley for dinner with sister-in-law & her boyfriend, we took them out to dinner at their favorite restaurant near by - saru sushi. it was definitely one of the fanciest sushi joints we'd been to in years. but everything was delicate and perfectly made, and just right for our not too hungry stomachs.
m & i got 4 things - ankimo (monk fish liver sashimi), mackerel nigiri sushi, negi hamachi rolls, and a yellowtail collar (the last photo). c & d ordered some various sashimi (some that came on a block of salt!), other nigiri sushi, and some scallop sashimi rolls we got some bites of as well.
the yellowtail collar was a hit, as our hosts had never had it but loved it, and was definitely one of the largest collar i'd ever had. huge!!

and thus ended the fanciest meal of our lifetime. >_<