Monday, March 25, 2013

it's been a long long time since we've been to village yokocho - but with a friend in town from california, it was a good place to meet up, despite the pouring rain (we rode our bikes).
i had a very strong jonesing for ikura (salmon roe) or al-bap and just had to get their sashimi bowl (salmon sashimi, uni, crab meat, tarako, and... ikura! with some shiso and ginger).
m & friend got eel bowls and we shared a lot of appetizers but i only managed to capture this measly sad platter of yakitori. their yakitori skewers are normally pretty delicious bout the gizzard was very disappointing. i liked the quail eggs, but it's hard to go wrong with them!

we even had amazing dessert after at cha-an down the street, but also didn't managed to photograph. :(
but it looked something like this (bottom photos).